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We have a broad range of speciality products, other than the above mentioned products, which enhance concrete specifications and performance.

  1. FC-SNPLAST are Sulphonated Napthalene Formaldehyde (SNF) based plasticizing / superplasticizing Concrete and mortar Admixtures (ASTM C494 : Type A, F and G), which are to be used where a high degree of workability is required and also as an aid to workability retention where delays in transportation or placing are likely or when high ambient temperatures cause rapid slump loss. To facilitate production of high quality concrete of improved durability and water tightness. To produce high workability concrete requiring little or no vibration during placing.
  2. FC-CONSET RP is a retarding (ASTM C494 : Type D) admixture have an unique dual function of improvement workability and delay in initial set of concrete mixes. This improvement can be utilised to provide increased strength, density and workability without increase in cement, whilst retardation of setting times enables avoidance of ‘cold joints’ where delays in transporting and placing concrete occur. Uses : Towers, chimneys, high buildings, slipform structures, tunnel/ shaft lining, offshore construction and in-situ piles.


    Towers, chimneys, high buildings, slip form structures, tunnel/ shaft lining, offshore construction and in-situ piles.

  3. FC-CONSET SR is a medium viscosity, liquid retarder used for achieving an exposed aggregate finish on concrete by retarding the setting of cement paste in the surface matrix of concrete and then removing it. The surface retarder is applied on the formwork or sprayed on the freshly poured concrete surfaces to effect retardation of the cementitious paste in the top surface lay
  4. FC-CONSET NCA is ready to use liquid accelerating admixture for use in concrete and portland cement. It brings down setting times in general and specially under cold weather, leading to early high and ultimate increased strengths. In addition, it reduces bleed and segregation while improves workability. FC-CONSET NCA does not contain any added chloride ions ensuring that the product does not contribute to the corrosion of reinforcing steel. In fact studies indicate FC-CONSET NCA helps in reduction of chloride attack on concrete.
  5. C-CONSET CA is a Chloride based Accelerating admixture (Rapid Hardening admixture) for unreinforced cement concrete/mortar, When added to cementitious mixes it accelerates hydration and enables the water content to perform more efficiently by dispersing agglomerated cement particles. This further improves strength by enabling water reduction to be made at constant workability. This is not recommended for reinforced cement concrete/mortar.
  6. FC-PLAST AEA is an entraining admixture for concrete and mortar. It adsorb at the interface between the mixing water and cement/aggregate particles to produce microscopic air bubbles which evenly distribute throughout the concrete/mortar matrix.


    • Improves cohesion and workability of concrete mixes having poorly graded and/or shaped aggregates
    • Reduces bleeding and segregation of concrete.
    • Enhances durability by providing protection against the rapid temperature changes found in freezing and thawing conditions and with the use of de-icing salts
  7. FC-PLAST UW is a chloride-free, ready-to-use liquid anti-washout admixture system specially designed to allow concrete to be placed underwater.


    It produces a gel in the water that surrounds the cement particles and protects them from washout. It also increases the cohesion of concrete mixes and produces well compacted and high-quality concrete.

  8. FC-PLAST UW is a chloride free ready to use liquid anti washout admixture system specially designed to allow concrete to be placed underwater.


    It produces a gel in the water which surrounds the cement particles and protects them from washout and also increases the cohesion of concrete mixes, produces well compacted and high quality concrete.

  9. FC-PLAST GA(P) is a powder additive which when mixed with cementitious system imparts shrinkage compensation and high flowability, pumpability to the mix. It produces controlled expansion and minimises water demand.


    • Cable duct grouting
    • Cavity filling
    • Filling gaps between precast elements
    • Repairing honeycombs by pressure grouting
    • Site batched repair/reprofiling mortars
    • Filling up the plumbing & electric chases


Covers approximately 55-60 Sft/20kg with 6mmx6mm square notched trowel

Pot Life

3 hours at 210C


  1. Concrete
  2. Concrete Masonry
  3. Cement Mortar Beds
  4. Cement Platster

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