We adhere to the standards of Quality Council of India (QCI) in line with RMC Plant Certification Scheme. We also follow the norms as prescribed by Ready Mixed Concrete Manufacturers’ Association (RMCMA), Building Materials & Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC), etc.

We ensure total quality as :

  • All raw material undergo thorough Quality Checks
  • From manufacturing to delivery at every step the concrete is supervised and goes through multiple Quality Checks
  • The Cement undergoes tests for normal consistency, IST/FST, Compressive Strength and Chemical Analysis
  • Undertaking Sieve Analysis, Silt Test, Specific Gravity, Density, Moisture Absorption Test and Chemical Analysis for Fine Aggregates
  • Ensuring Sieve Analysis, Crushing Calue, Abrasion Value, Specific Gravity, Density and Chemical Analysis for Coarse Aggregates
  • Water undergoes a Chemical Analysis by a third party laboratory that is Accredited by NABL
  • Checking Concrete for Workability and compressive strength