Firstchoice Ready mix produces ready mix concrete in our state-of-the-art, fully automated and process driven concrete batching plants at various locations in India. We produce and supply readymix concrete according to the standards and quality benchmarks. Our logistic team works with clients in delivering the readymix concrete at the required location on time.

Some of the benefits of readymix concrete compared to concrete mixed at the site:

Variety of Solutions

Different types of ready mix concrete are produced based on demand by varying the combinations, proportions, aggregates and admixtures.

Related Service

Readymix Concrete enables clients with distinctive service orientation through:

  • Large fleet of concrete mixer trucks to ensure quicker and on-time delivery
  • Delivery of concrete to complex worksites such as pumps, conveyors, etc.
  • Customized delivery based on customer’s needs

Cost Reduction

Ready mixed concrete leads to more cost reduction, because:

  • Raw materials are not required to store on site and need very less space for storage
  • Wastage of raw materials is fully reduced
  • Require less laborers for production and placing of concrete
  • Require less time for the entire process