We produce ready-mixed concrete at the world-class, automated and automatic batching and mixing plants that use advanced technology. Some of our value differentiators are:

Automated Process

All our plants have a fully automated processes and a state-of-the-art control system in place to maintain all quality standards at each and every phase.

Total Quality Assurance

Cement and related Raw Materials are checked and verified as per Quality Policies and benchmarks.

Effective Material Management

Raw materials are stored in different bins and stacked with protected covers to safeguard them from exposure to external enivronment.

Separate Silos

Material like Cement, Fly Ash, Slag etc. are stacked in different silos for effective control on final product mix

Controlled Handling

The process of handling of fly ash and slag are performed from closed bunkers to silos directly for effective control.

Batched Process

Different weigh-batchers are used for ingredients - cement, water, admixtures and aggregates. The weighing process is done by Advanced Electronic Weigh Batchers. Meticulous weighing of all raw materials is done using electronic load cells made up of special alloys.

Homogeneous Mixing

We do Homogeneous mixing of concrete by using special high-performance mixers like Pan-type or Turbo-Twin Shaft mixers.

On-site Laboratory

All our plants are equipped with an onsite laboratory facility that has tools to check the quality of concrete that is being mixed and produced at the site.

Temperature Control

Special sprinkler systems takes care of temperature control of aggregates amidst the hot weather conditions.

Eco-friendly Policy

We as an organisation fully emphasize on environment and eco-friendliness. All the silos are equipped with bag filters as well level indicators to prevent any kind of pollution.


We ensure periodic maintenance of all the equipments, tools and machinery

Advanced Censors

We use advanced Laser Sensors and Moisture Control Systems for effective quality control.

Trained Workforce

Our workforce is fully trained to handle all equipment, machinery, processes, etc. as per the ready-mix concrete preparation plan.