FC Blockfix is a premixed versatile jointing material for thin bed applications. The mortar is specially formulated with high-strength polymers to provide more robust, durable bonding between different masonry units. In addition, the superbond technology of this thin bed mortar with 3-4mm replaces the conventional mortar with a 12-18mm thick application.


  1. Economical than the conventional mortar
  2. Suitable for Interior and Exterior applications
  3. Ready to use, consistent quality. Just need to mix the water
  4. Self-curing – No curing required, enriched with water retention technology
  5. Faster construction with less workforce – saves time, money and labour
  6. Excellent workability makes mason’s work simple and easy – it saves time
  7. Flexible and provides resistance to shock & impact
  8. Gives an even finish to the wall, Zero material wastage
  9. Exceeds the requirements of ASTM C 1660, EN 12004/ISO13007 – C1TE, IS 15477:2019 – Type 1 T

Recomended Substrates

  1. AAC/ALC/CLC Blocks
  2. Fly Ash/Concrete Bricks
  3. Cement Mortar Blocks and Bricks 
  4. Lightweight Masonry Blocks.

Product Benefits

  • Ready to use
  • Consistent Quality
  • Single component, add water
  • Enriched with water retention technology, Self-curing – needs no manual curing
  • Polymer-modified, high bond strength with 3-4mm bed application
  • Economical and faster installation than the conventional mortar
  • Applicator friendly
  • Provides maximum coverage


Covers approximately 55-60 Sft/20kg with 6mmx6mm square notched trowel

Pot Life

3 hours at 21⁰C