Highly Polymer modified, high strength single, component cementitious adhesive with extended open time and no vertical slip for the installation of ceramic, vitrified & fully vitrified tiles, glass mosaic, porcelain, precast terrazzo, natural stone and engineered stones in the Interior and exterior floor & wall applications with a maximum bed thickness of 12mm.


  1. High-strength, Polymer modified
  2. Suitable for Interior and exterior floor and wall applications
  3. Ideal for wet area applications like swimming pools, washrooms, water bodies and saunas
  4. Bonds to various substrates
  5. Water and shock resistance
  6. Ready to use, consistent quality. Just mix with a specified water ratio
  7. No curing is required, enriched with water retention technology
  8. Simple and mason-friendly material
  9. Anti-Slip properties for the vertical applications
  10. Easy mixing, smooth application and better workability & properties
  11. Exceeds the requirements of IS 15477:2019 – Type 3 T, EN 12004/ISO 13007 – C2TE and ANSI 118.4 TE

Recommended Substrates

  1. Shear Wall
  2. Concrete
  3. Concrete & Brick Masonry
  4. Trimix concrete and VDF concrete
  5. Cement Plaster
  6. Existing Ceramic, Vitrified tiles and Natural stones
  7. Cement Backer boards, Calcium Silicate Boards and Gypsum Wallboards
  8. Swimming pools, Washrooms and any other wet areas
  9. Waterproofing membranes
  10. Light weight blocks

Product Benefits

  • Ready to use
  • Consistent Quality
  • Tile-on-Tile application allows fixing Glass Mosaic Tiles
  • Enriched with water retention technology, Self-curing – needs no manual curing
  • Ideal for fixing Ceramic & Vitrified tiles and Natural stones on Interior and exterior floor and wall
  • Suitable for Wet Area applications – swimming pools, washrooms, saunas and water bodies
  • Provides shock and water resistance
  • Provides maximum coverage


Covers approximately 55-60 Sft/20kg with 6mmx6mm square notched trowel


Pot Life

3 hours at 21°C