Pavement Quality Concrete (PQC) is cement concrete made with large-size aggregates per IRC specifications and laid over a dry lean concrete sub-base. This construction is explicitly used for highway concrete and airport runway pavements, as it can take heavy loads.


Pavement quality concrete differs from conventional concrete by using 32 mm aggregate and significantly less slump of 15-25 mm. This type of concrete requires a little more cement content than regular concrete (min. 360 Kg/Cum) and is mainly designed for M40 grade of concrete. It is suitable for heavy traffic volume and primarily for constructing the National Highway. The slump Requirement for PQC is minimal, around 15-25mm when laying with Automatic pavers. Polythene sheet is provided between PQC & DLC.


We are offering FC-ESTEEMA PQC (PCE Based admixture ) and FC-SNPLAST PQC (SNF Based admixture) as the best solution for Pavement Quality Concrete (PQC).


  • Increased compressive and flexural
  • strengths
  • Improved workability using less water
  • Reduced Segregation
  • Superior finishing characteristics
  • Helps eliminate cold joints
  • Improved texturing characteristics
  • More excellent edge stability and slump control
  • Flexibility in the scheduling of placing and finishing operations
  • Offsets effects of too early stiffening during extended delays between mixing and placing
  • Reduced thermal peaks
  • Reduced permeability
  • Relative durability to damage from freezing and thawing


All types of concrete road laying using a paver machine.

Complies with IS 9103 -1999 and ASTM C 494 Type G.