Waterproof concrete is impermeable for long-lasting, durable, watertight construction. To improve the impermeability of the concrete, water-resisting admixtures can be added. Nevertheless, the design and construction of a watertight concrete structure is a system approach, and waterproof concrete is only one element. Water impermeability is determined by fulfilling requirements to limit water permeability through the concrete, joints, installation parts and cracks. Waterproofing is required on below-grade concrete surfaces for several reasons. The primary reason is to keep moisture from intruding into the facility. However, it is also necessary to protect the structural contents from water infiltration that can cause structural damage to the concrete or corrosion to the embedded steel. Concrete is, by design, a porous material; water can pass through it by hydrostatic pressure, water vapor gradient or capillary action. Water can also enter cracks, structural defects, or improperly designed or installed joints. Waterproofing is also required to eliminate deterioration of the concrete from the exterior and interior chemicals present at the building site.


Firstchoice Readymix Pvt. Ltd – Construction Chemical Division offers; FC-AQUAPROOF CRYSTALLINE – An integral capillary waterproofing system. It contains specialist additives that play the catalyst role in forming water-insoluble Crystalline microstructures deep within the capillaries and interstices of a cementitious matrix of concrete and mortars. As the crystalline capillary waterproofing system enables effective pore sealing, it does not create film formation on the surface and is not affected by negative hydrostatic pressure. The system is equally effective against positive and negative water or osmotic pressure.



  • Imparts integral water tightness to structures
  • Protects from waterborne corrosive agents.
  • Permanently active – crystalline action is reactivated by contact with water.
  • Equally effective against both positive and negative water pressure or osmotic pressure.
  • Non-toxic and non-tainting


  • Water tanks, Reservoirs
  • Building Basements & foundations
  • Swimming pools and water parks
  • Sewage and Water treatment plants
  • Dams, canals, Tunnels, Harbours
  • Retaining walls & sea defence walls
  • Concrete pipes
  • Conforms to IS 2645-2003



We also offer our FC-AQUAPROOF IW, an Integral waterproofing liquid admixture based on a reducing water system and hydrophobic & capillary blocking system. This combined effect acts both as a highly efficient plasticizer and waterproofing compound.



  • Improves workability without increased water content, disperses throughout the mix very quickly and produces uniform waterproofing throughout the concrete matrix.
  • Reduces permeability of concrete/ mortar at a higher level
  • Allows easier compaction leading to denser concrete and superior finish
  • Produces dense concrete by minimizing the porosity and honey-combing in concrete


  • Roof slab concrete
  • Basement concrete
  • Screed and plasters
  • Concrete water tanks, sumps and drains


Conforms to both IS 2645-2003 and IS 9103-1999