Ready-to-use, polymer-modified single, component white cement-based grout for the interior/exterior floor and wall joint grout with non-shrinkage, crack-resistant, and excellent bonding



  1. Suitable for Interior and exterior applications
  2. Contains special polymers to provide superior bond strength and water resistance
  3. Ideal for joint width of 1-3 mm
  4. Self-curing – No water curing required, enriched with water retention technology
  5. Non-shrinkage and resistance to stains
  6. Excellent workability, smooth and easy application & easy to clean
  7. Economical and provides good coverage
  8. Exceeds the requirements of EN 13888-CG1 & ANSI 118.6

    Recomended Substrates

    1. It is helpful for Interior and exterior floor and wall joints, grouting ceramic tiles, porcelain, vitrified and fully vitrified tiles, quarry tiles, bricks, pavers, and natural and engineered stones.
    2. With water resistance properties, it can be used in areas like swimming pools, power shower areas etc.

    Product Benefits

    • Ready to use
    • Consistent Quality
    • Single component, just add water
    • Enriched with water retention technology, Self-curing – needs no manual curing
    • Ideal for fixing Ceramic Tiles on Interior floor and walls
    • Applicator friendly
    • Saves workforce, money, and time
    • Provides maximum coverage