Rust or oxidation is a chemical process that occurs when water and oxygen bonds with iron. It is the enemy of any iron, steel or galvanized metal in your home. It is an eyesore, and rust can eventually destroy the metal it attacks if not removed or appropriately tested. It can also stain adjacent painted surfaces. Remember that rust enters through the slightest scratch or bare spot.’


Just because there’s rust on your tools doesn’t mean you have to discard them. If there are no holes in the metal, you can remove the rust from the surface using FC-RUST CURE. FC-RUST CURE cleaning agent is a combination of acid-based material, corrosion inhibitors and dispersing agents and is supplied in liquid form


To eliminate the harmful rust from the steel reinforcement and to enable the application of an appropriate protective primer while repairing corrosion-damaged concrete.


FC-CLEAN MP is a highly concentrated, fast-acting acid-based Concrete remover, cleaning and etching agent. It removes ingrained dirt and most paints on mineral surfaces such as brick, renders and concrete.



  • Removes concrete spills, waste and mortar
  • Cleans brickwork and tools
  • Also removes limescale