Shotcrete or sprayed concrete is concrete, or mortar conveyed through a hose and pneumatically projected at high velocity onto a surface. Conventional steel fibers typically reinforce it.

Shotcrete is placed and compacted/ consolidated simultaneously due to the force with which it is ejected from the nozzle. It can be sprayed onto any type or shape of the surface, including vertical or overhead areas. We offer FC-SPRAYCON AF as one of the best solutions for Shotcrete or sprayed concrete in liquid form. It is a highly effective alkali-free Chloride free liquid accelerator, which confirms ASTM C 1141 Type II Grade 9.

FC-SPRAYCON AF is suitable for all applications where high early strength, good final strength and thick layers are required:

  • Temporary and permanent rock support in tunnels
  • Rock support in mining
  • In poor ground conditions
  • Slope stabilisation
  • Also suitable for accelerating cementitious grouts, such as those used in TBM tunnel linings, cement ground injection and foam concrete backfill operations.

FC-SPRAYCON AF is the ideally suited accelerator for wet mix sprayed concrete for rock support because:

  • The quick setting property allows rapid work progress and the ability to construct thick sprayed concrete linings via layered application during one construction sequence.
  • The unique product formulation provides continual early-age strength development whilst achieving excellent long-term strength and durability.
  • FC-SPRAYCON AF is a liquid product and thus provides easy handling and facilitates accurate addition to the concrete.

We are also offering FC-SPRAYCON A, a chloride-free liquid accelerating admixture based on modified silicate, which is added to a sprayed concrete mix to impart high build and low rebound properties.