Ready to use, polymer-modified single-component cement-based plaster for interior/exterior applications. FC Plastwell is a ready-mix cement with high-quality polymers and graded fillers. Designed for interior & exterior walls and concrete surface applications


  1. Suitable for Interior and exterior applications 
  2. Contains special polymers to provide superior bond strength and water resistance
  3. Used in place of traditional plastering
  4. Self-curing – No water curing required, enriched with water retention technology
  5. Non-shrinkage
  6. Excellent workability, smooth and easy application & easy to clean
  7. Faster completion of work
  8. No wastage
  9. Reduce construction costing
  10. Consistent quality in raw materials used Exceeds the requirements of EN 1015, ASTM C-266

Area Of Interest

  1. Clay brick walls
  2. Concrete walls and ceilings
  3. Concrete hollow bricks
  4. Cement and AAC block walls

Product Benefits

  • Ready to use
  • Single component, add water
  • Contains special polymers to provide superior bond strength
  • Used in place of traditional plastering
  • Enriched with water retention technology, Self-curing – needs no manual curing
  • Minimizes cracking and shrinkage
  • It Saves Manpower, Money and Time


Covers approximately 19 to 21 sft/ 40 kg with 6mmx6mm square notched trowel

Pot Life

1-2 hours at 35°C


  1. Concrete
  2. Concrete Masonry
  3. Cement Mortar Beds
  4. Cement Plaster

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