Ordinary concrete mixtures are not ideal for pumping. The pressure to pump the concrete mix often forces water out of the cement, leaving some portions dry and others wet. The friction caused by fine particles in the mixture is another concern. Typically higher pumping pressures are needed to overcome the problem. Simply modifying the mix by adding more sand, cement, or water to achieve pumpability often leads to undesirable physical properties and increased costs. Admixtures called pumping aids are commonly used to improve concrete pumpability and reduce the overall cost of placement. A pumping aid is a lubricant that enhances the ease with which a given mix can be pumped through a line. This means lower pump pressures, reduced pressure on the mortar phase of the concrete, less chance of segregation and a reduction in internal friction.


FC-PUMP PRIMO and PRIMEX are inorganic components based on specially formulated products for the lubrication of pumps, hoses and lines before concrete works.



FC-PUMP PRIMO / PRIMEX solution creates a thin lubrication film that reduces friction and prevents blockages. It is a cost-effective replacement for other lubrication methods, such as cement slurry. Using existing cement or mortar as a lubricant induces strength reduction and environmental waste disposal problems. This product has innovatively improved these issues by adding performance lubrication components to exert an effective coating performance of a small amount in the boom pump piping.